Patti believes that:


"The ultimate role of all leaders is to mentor the leadership development of those around them."


"Leadership is not an end in and of itself: leadership is an opportunity to empower others to do more, be more, and achieve more!"


Leadership Impact

After hearing the motivational and encouraging Dr. Hill speak with such encouraging words to everyone in attendance I felt encouraged and that I had what it took to take the next step in our great organization. I know her words were meant for everyone in attendance, but it resonated with me and struck a chord within me. Just a short few years after that I had the opportunity to participate on district N4's inaugural sight mission to Haiti on conjunction with Team Broken Earth.  Remembering the words from Dr. Hill's presentation to our MD,  I felt the need to take the chance and step up and accept a Service Leadership opportunity. Oh boy, am I glad I did! It was the most amazing and rewarding experience I had in my life, all thanks to those words I heard from Dr. Hill.

PDG Michael